Road Trip 2013!! May 2, 2013



A couple weeks ago I sold my house and got a Fairdale van. I left Austin and started a 2 or 3 month road trip around the country. The first part of the trip was pretty boring since I caught a flu and struggled to deliver Jim Cielencki’s stuff to Buffalo (he just moved back there from Austin). After that I cruised across the midwest to visit some family in Michigan. Today the trip started for real and I hope to have some interesting content from my adventures to post up here in the following weeks. Here’s a quick recap of things so far…






Slight color clash on the street in Buffalo.





I swung through Fairdale, KY on the way up. Lot’s of good photo-ops for the new Fairdale bus.


Stoic Monty representing. florisst

We do not sell sandwiches. cherry

Stopped by the largest cherry pie ever because it looked like Pizza from the highway. firecamp

Monty and I will be camping our way around the country for the next few months, visiting bike shops and doing some bike rides. Good fun!


Crossed the Mackinaw bridge today and made it to Sault Ste. Marie in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. From here we will wander along the shore of Lake Superior and on in to Wisconsin.