Bobby’s Bee Story June 27, 2012


My co-worker Bobby Parker (Fairdale sales manager) sent me an amazing story while I was out on the Seattle to San Francisco Ride. I could picture the story so well as I read it that I felt like I had to illustrate it. Have a laugh!

“So with all of your sharing of your travels on the road…I feel compelled to share one from the home front.  Was out on a ride with Logan Friday night…”

” We bombed down a hill and at the bottom I am cruising when all of the sudden I see a big ass bug coming at my face, so I try to move but it was too late.”

“It ended up hitting me right around my temple and happened to get caught up in my hair, hat brim and ear piece of my glasses sort of all at once.  That is when I start getting stung like a son of a bitch.  I end up hitting myself in the side of the face trying to get the bug thing off of me, sending my hat and glasses flying off my head in the process.”

“At this point the beast had lodged itself loose from my temple and proceeded to fly down the back of my shirt.  This was the perfect opportunity for what I only assume was a bee (I never actually saw what it looked like) to sting me once again on my back.”


“At this point I am riding next to the curb without my hat or glasses on, no handed, one foot on the pedal the other off for balance and I rip my shirt off my back and throw it to the ground causing me to loose balance on my bike.  I get sent off my bike and hit the ground at a dead sprint (this is how fast I was still going at the time).”

“I go back to get my shirt and bike from the side of the road and Logan helps me find my glasses.  I can only imagine what the people who saw me thought happened.  Wild scene.  Cut to two days later and now as I type to you I can barely open my jaw!  I guess bee stings on joint areas in the body will stiffen up with an arthritis sensation for about a week or so.  Fuck you bee!”