Fairdale People: Erik Conn April 27, 2012

Erik’s one of those guys who sums up Austin for me. A real and true genius of a musician who keeps life simple and laid back… someone you’re stoked to know lives in your town. Sandy Carson happened upon him early today and sent me this picture.

Erik plays drums for a few different bands but is probably most well known for his spot in Tia Carrera. Watching Tia is always an amazing experience because the shows are only loosely based on any kind of “song”. They tend to ebb and flow into all kinds of new and different sounds… but always end up rocking and in a very real way. Like, it’s one thing to play a planned out heavy song that you know every riff of… it’s another to just find it out of thin air on the spot.

Well, anyway, before I get too ethereal about Erik’s music let me just say that it’s a real treat to know that Erik is out cruising the streets on a Fairdale!

Coincidentally his band is playing a show this wednesday if you’re in Austin: http://do512.com/event/2012/05/02/trivett-wingos-going-away-party-with-tia-carrera-fingaar-bangaar-woodgrain-in-dudero-pirates-of-darkwater-free