Camping on the Weekender January 11, 2012

In an effort to test our new Weekender model as much as possible before full production I lent my personal steed out for the weekend. This gave the Weekender a chance to live up to its name and prove its stuff. Full Factory’s Logan and his pup Hershal took the bike and my Bob trailer for a 100+ mile ride to a camp ground up north of Austin (Upper Colorado Bend State Park). They traveled with everything they needed for a camping weekend. Logan said the ride was good except that the loaded trailer with dog on board made standing hill climbs difficult. Since his route went through the thick of Texas hill country he spent a lot of time grinding away in the small gears. The ride proved to be quite an adventure and he managed to spend a relaxing weekend with his dog camping and then head back to Austin. Not bad!

Sounds like a lot of fun… I think I might be doing something very similar very soon.

Thanks to Andrew Brady for the pic!