Babies Sell March 25, 2011

Its been a bit sparse over here on the updates hasn’t it? I guess we are in sort of a lull at the moment. Fairdale Parsers are being built as I send this text over the interweb and there’s just not a whole lot new to update til they get closer to arriving. I guess I got a new Skate-rack prototype but I want to get it just a little more dialed in before I show it to you all.

Other then that I’ve been starting to work hard on the TX Toast Jam contest that Odyssey is putting on. I’m not sure it was a good idea to have the arrival dates for the Fairdale bikes be the same day as the big contest I am running! Anyway, there is an official website for the contest now that will be periodically updated. Keep a tab on it if you can. Texas Toast Jam web page on Odyssey BMX.

One issue with Fairdale Bikes is that I’m not really sure how we will sell them. All I really know is BMX and a lot of BMX shops don’t carry road bikes or commuter bikes like ours. I’ve been really thinking about what we should do with marketing.

I’ve posted this before because I thought it was so funny but then it occurred to me that some professional ad agency probably put a lot of research and time into developing this ad campaign. There is probably something to this baby-on-bike-parts thing. I bet babies might be exactly the kind of smart advertising to help Fairdale break through.

So our photographer picked up a very small baby from the photo prop store and set to work shooting photos. Our baby model’s name was Steve and he was very cooperative and easy to work with. He was more then willing to try new and interesting poses. Sort of only has that one sort of crazy-eyed model face though.

I’m pretty sure there will be a noticeable increase in the price of Fairdale stock after these ads hit the mainstream. Baby’s sell and Steve is a master!

This was a very tight squeeze for Steve, but it really does make the frame look sexy baby-ish.