Fairdale Zines February 3, 2011

So I have started working on Fairdale zine #2. I have no idea when it will be done, but I’m starting!

There are still a very few zine #1’s available through the Odyssey webstore. Check them out here. And, to celebrate starting #2 here is a web version of #1. It kind of loses some of the magic not being in print, but you’ll get the idea. One note, there’s a section in the later half (the war with nature section) where when you are looking at the zine in print you can mix and match the pages and build your own man vs nature contest. I’m not smart enough to make it work on the web so it really won’t make sense. Just remember, if you had a print version the page would be cut where the dotted blue line is.

Buy a Fairdale zine or T-shirt here.