Consumer Product Safety Commission February 15, 2011

I think I will send the goverment an updated bicycle drawing. This guy is looking a little outdated (and appears to be outfitted with the latest Oval-Tech gearing from 1988). Maybe a sweet time trail bike would be cooler.

Today I am having a fun time dealing with some rather dry legal schmeagle bicycle crap.

All bicycles sold in the USA must adhere to the CPSC rules. This is why when you by a complete bike it must have a chain guard and reflectors. In all honesty I am very glad there is some sort of safety regulations for this kind of thing, but I’m finding some of the specifications to be quite comical.

By far the most dangerous CPSC specification is this one. An adult of normal intelligence should be able to assemble the bike? I think I am offended. When my Giant full suspension cross country bike arrived it was like putting together a puzzle! I think it came with a frame in 6 parts and a bag of 18 bearings! Plus, I think “normal” intelligence adults are the same ones who wear sunglasses into the bar at night, smoke cigarettes and ride fixed gears.

Important brake specification. Brakes must not break but must brake.

This mouthful of a specification guarantees the build quality of your bike. Simply let your bike fall over 3 times. If the parts haven’t broken off its strong enough and ready for action.