That time I pierced myself was bad November 24, 2010

Today I was doodling and drew this cat piercing this guys lip. It immediately got me thinking about a personally embarrassing moment when I thought it was a good idea to pierce my eyebrow.

It was like 1994 and I had dreadlocks. For some reason I was looking in the mirror and decided I needed to have a pierced eyebrow. Keep in mind, this was not cool even then. My dorkness knows no bounds.

So I went to the tattoo shop and bought a little silver ring.

I had a sewing needle and I was amazed at how hard it was to push a needle through my eyebrow. I had to push SOOO hard. I shoved with all my strength until my attempt abruptly backfired and the back of the needle pierced my thumb.

After I got the bleeding to stop in my thumb I found a piece of metal to wrap around the needle so I could push harder. I jammed the needle through my eyebrow. Unfortunately it didn’t come out the other side anywhere near where I wanted. So I jammed it through again. And again. In fact it took 7 tries to line it up with the optimal eyebrow piercing spot. Finally I jammed the ring in, and of course it broke!

The next day I bought another ring and stuffed  the sewing needle through my forehead 7 more times. This time I got the ring in place and was successful!

That day my friend Ron Kimler and I went for a bike ride. I was feeling pretty cool… he was laughing under his breath I’m sure.

Suddenly there was as big CRASH! Ron’s peg had gotten into my front wheel as we were cruising down the sidewalk.

I flipped over the bars and narrowly missed Ron’s handlebar grip impaling me. His brake lever barely missed my eye but made a perfect bullseye through my stupid eyebrow ring and yanked that little badge of goon-dom right out of my face.

I can’t tell you how many times fate and good fortune have saved me from myself, but count this up as one of them. Thanks fate!