General-ish update, dogs and bikes and such October 26, 2010

Hanging out with my dogs the last few evenings. Always party time for them.

Dogs are good for you I think, if there’s too much on my mind its nice to be reminded how simple life can be…

Got airplanes on my mind too… lots of traveling coming up soon. I’m always grateful for the chance to travel, and its amazing how many different people have bought me tickets through the years…. I look forward to some kind of teleportation though….

And lately I’ve been learning how to use spreadsheets… putting together the Fairdale bikes, choosing components and stuff. Its an interesting process weighing cost, weight, availability and things while specing a bike. I enjoy it though and I think the bikes are going to be very quality.

One of my favorite bikes is still my old beach cruiser with the grocery baskets. Its not for going fast, but it sure is relaxing to just cruiser around and enjoy. Monty rode shotgun for my 20 mile commute yesterday… it was awesome! Can’t wait till we get some Fairdale cruiser samples going.