Industry Data and Trend Predictions July 19, 2010

Fairdale prides itself on being one of those companies that always seems to have its finger on the pulse of the newest and greatest things in cycling. But how do we do it? The truth is there is no big secret. We carefully monitor and catalog all available data so that we can analyze and quantify the upcoming styles and trends.

Here’s and example. We are all aware of the startling growth in handlebar size, but what has caused it? Fairdale has discovered a directly inverse correlation between the size of a riders pants and the size of his handlebars.

If we look at the early to mid 90s (known as the JNCO era) we can see that along with outrageously large pant size there was also a huge drop in handlebar size. Bars cut down so narrow that brake levers couldn’t fit between the grip and the crossbar were not unusual.

As time progressed and the disturbing excessively tight pants fashion entered BMX in the late 2000’s we can see that handlebar size has grown immensely.

At the beginning of 2010 we can see that two things have happened. Most riders pants have literally become so tight that the lower portion of the pant’s legs have literally exploded from the pant body leaving nothing but the shredded remains hanging from the rider’s waist. Secondly huge handlebars that are actually banned in international BMX race competitions due to overly large size are springing up everywhere. Manufacturer’s keen to cash into this market are quickly producing the biggest bars they can. But what could possibly come next?

Thanks to Fairdale’s ability to accurately trend-map we can give you a glimpse into the future. Here is 2012’s style. Specially made BMX banana hammocks and fantastically large handle bars leading to even more nose wheelies tricks and less candybars.

The future is limitless, but with the proper data and analytical ability it is not unexpected. Fairdale is here for you.