Meat stick bobbing June 22, 2010

I’m sorry to say that whenever anyone talks about their meat stick sponsor I start giggling. Maybe its too many years as a vegetarian and I’m just not comfortable with those words, or maybe its the sense of humor of a 14 year old, but “meat stick” is funny.

On Transworld BMX’s site today they posted two different meat stick related articles. First a Ball Park Frank bike check and then a press release about the Matador™ by Jack’s Link’s™ Bold Bull Ride™ at the Wendy’s™ Invitational Dew™ Tour. That’s a mouthful of sausages right there! I can only imagine that BMX riders are going to be bouncing around on a gigantic bucking hotdog trying to keep their energy drink sponsor in camera frame. Its a funny time in BMX (for those of me who find meat stick sponsorships so entertaining).

Now granted this event is for charity and its always a good laugh to watch your friends falling off a electric bull. I’m not knocking the fun that will be had. In fact I find it that much more amusing that meat sticks are involved. I don’t think you could say anything relating to the subject at hand without me smirking… “you’re best friend choked to death on a meat stick.”

I was thinking about some other events they might have for charity, like the above hot dog bobbing contest. That would be pretty cool for BMXers as long as they are going to be  dry humping a mechanical bull for wads of processed meat money anyway. I heard about this one game called “hide the sausage” too, but I’m not exactly sure how to play that one.

I was also thinking that some our soon to be patented Fairdale real-live sausage grips might be a good way to really connect with the sponsors and get it out on to the competition course (and most importantly in front of the TV cameras).

And of course its only a matter of time before these hot dog sponsored guys get paid enough to ride in their company’s mascot uniform. Any publicity is good publicity right?

It would be amazing really… front flips look so much like an attempt to bite a weenie anyway… why not add some flair to it and do it dressed in a wiener costume?